Nautical Gifts for your Boat

Float your boat with this essentials book

Archival pages, water resistant, elegant on your boat! 

Make a coordinating embosser or wax seal with your boats name for ports of call! 

We are Paying it forward by offering a FREE inspiring Calligraphy Quote, 
2021 Agenda, Journal, Address Book, Album, Recipe/Wine Journal,  or Amalfi Stationery  

for someone who needs a bit of sunshine, when you order yours

 Healthcare workers 50% off everything on our site with ID - call, text or email to order

Love is in the Air! Celebrate with Intimate Virtual Weddings, Send love to someone you care about in note or with a journal, Plan ahead for joy with a 2021 Agenda.....

 FLASH SALE today! Quantities Limited! Amalfi Stationery Sets 25% off! 3 x 5,"  4 x 8" European Size Folded Notes, 8.5 x 11" Stationery Sets w/envelopes & place-cards - Use Code: FLASHAMALFI
Perfect for Gifts or Thank you notes! 

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  • Ship's Log

      Time for the perfect companion for your weekend away or  European sailing excursion wi…

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