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"Love is all you need...."

"Love is all you need...."

Scribes Delight Beachcomber on 27th May 2017

On this auspicious weekend, we remember the many brave souls in uniform who died so that we may be free and the souls who did not sign up for it, like those who died in Manchester in recent days.

"Love is patient and kind" takes on a whole new meaning, when we realize that there are many with a hole in their heart that may never be filled; even more so when we see that others have filled this hole with hatred and harm...forming an explosive asphalt of destruction.  We shall not be engulfed in it. We shall love.

On this glorious seaside Marblehead weekend, I see a couple walking the sand, whose souls have always been inextricably linked, thinking of days to come, children dipping in feet to see if the sea is too chilly for a swim, and collectors of sea glass adding a new sliver of color to a lifetime of sun-filled and stormy days.

All we can do is send love and hope that it reaches through to those who are along or cannot see the sun and even more to those who have filled the emptiness inside them with rage, as we have seen in recent days.

Love is powerful and so easy to give, really.  Just one step outside your normal day with a kind word, a prayer or the gift of a smile.  Plant some love today and every day, and watch even the most ragged landscape grow into a flower filled oasis.