Embosser Ordering Info

    Which Embosser is best for you?....We offer Embossers for use on everything from Stationery to Card stock, Programs, Presentation Folder, to Water color Paper, and more ---- 
  • Our Two Step Ordering Process is EASY - 
  • First Choose the Style of Embosser you want to create...
  • 1] Round Embossers:
  • This embosser Style is for you if you want to create a 
  • Library, Monogram, Design, or any combination of stock images and lettering, or your own custom design on your choice of a 1 5/8" or 2" diameter round Embosser.
  • 2] Rectangular Embosser:
  • This Embosser Style is for you if you want to create an Address, Monogram/Address combination, Monogram/Design combination or Custom Design on a 1 x 2" Rectangular Embosser Die, or , for #E5 Embossers ONLY, a 1 x 3" Rectangular Embossing Die
    Your Design Can be Anything you can Imagine - Logos, Family Crests, Library, Wedding, Baby, Monograms, Signatures, Addresses, Animals, and more! - Your custom design/lettering can be any dimension within these shapes, and you will only see your design in the final embossed piece, not the shape of the plate itself. 
  • Great! Now that you know what Style Embosser you want to create,
  • The next step is to select what Type of Embosser to create.
  • We offer 5 Types, 
  • You decide, you will need to know:
  • A]Paper WEIGHTyou are using, (i.e. 20, copier, 60, card stock, 90, 120, cover stock, 300 lb watercolor weight)
  • and
  • B]Paper REACH: this distance from the edge of your Embossed page*, to the Center of your Embossed Design
  • *The Paper Reach is dependent on 
  • "Embosser Orientation": this is the Direction you will insert your Embosser Into your embossed Page: 
  • 1] Top - Letterhead, Monogram, etc
  • 2] Bottom - Envelope Flap, Notary, Signature, etc 
  • 3] Right Side - Books, Programs, Invitations, etc
  • 4] Left Side - Invitations, Programs, etc
  • Additional Inserts may be ordered for the same embosser with alternate paper orientations
  • Once you know your approx. Paper Weight and Paper Reach,
  • Select your Embosser Type HERE: 
#E1 Standard Timeless Embosser
Features Pocket or Desk models
Image areas: 1" x 2" rectangle; 1 5/8" round, 2" round
Paper Weight: Standard Stationery Weight, 20-30 lb stock,
Paper Reach: 1 1/2" from edge of page to center of embossed image
Feature: Great for everything from unlined envelopes to foil stickers,
napkins, and more

#E2 Elite Embosser

Paper Weight: 20-30 lb stock, Paper Reach: 1 1/2"
Our Famous ELITE Embosser.
Our Elite INSERTS are made to fit Elite Embossers sold by Martha Stewart,
Williams Sonoma, and other retailers
Features: 1" x 2" Rectangular Reversible die for use with Letterhead
and Envelope Flap Die. Also, 1 5/8" round die for Library Embossers etc.

# E4 Long-reach, Heavy-duty Embosser
#E4- Long-Reach Heavy-duty Embosser - Paper Weight: 30-150 lb stock, Paper Reach: 2 1/2"
1"x2" rectangle, or 1 5/8" round, and 2" round plates available.
Feature: Embosses widest variety of paper weights, up to a light card stock.

#E5- Extra-long Reach, Heavy-duty Embosser
Paper Weight: 150-300 lb stock - up to a light card stock
Paper Reach: 4" from edge of page to center of embossed image
Plates available: 1"x2" and 1"x 3" and 1 5/8" and 2" round.
Feature: Embosses everything from presentation covers to watercolor paper

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