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Embossers - Elite COMPLETE and Replacement INSERTS

 We are the Manufacturer for Elite Embossers & Elite Replacement Inserts! 

Manufacturers for Martha Stewart, Papyrus, Williams Sonoma, Neiman Marcus, Shiny Brand, Ideal and embossers replacement inserts for most brands ~ Call or Text us Now to ORDER! 1.617.733.5335

 Just one of our many happy customers raves: 

"First, let me tell you just how much we have enjoyed your product! I bought your embosser as a gift for my bibliophile husband in the first few months of our marriage and I cannot begin to explain how excited it made him. We have around 1,700 books in our teeny tiny apartment. Nearly every one bears the imprint from your embosser. "    
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RectangleAddress . Library . Wedding . Monogram .Company LogoNotary  . Family Crest Justice of  the Peace . Holiday . Kitchen and Design Embossers, Replacement Inserts & more! for: Invitations, Resumes, Stationery, Programs, Placecards, Presentation covers. 

Already have an Elite Embosser? Need a NEW Insert? first remove your present insert: 

 1) Turn your embosser Upside down with lever hanging down. Photo 1 
 2)  Pinch together the front edge of two (round or rectangle) plates on your insert. Photo 2.
 3)  Hold your embosser by the body and move the insert back and forth until it releases the two gripper        slots on your insert. Photo 2. 
 4) Pull your insert OUT. Photo 3. 
 5) ORDER your NEW Insert. Collect all ourdesigns and DESIGN your OWN! To replace your insert, reverse the steps
1 embosser3.jpg2 embosser1.jpg3embosser2.jpg 

Call our Embosser HOTLINE 1.800.866.7367 with any questions & to order your next embosser INSERT. 

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12 of 37 Items